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Leadership Training for the Narcissistic Boss With Small Business Advisor – Management Trainer: Small Business Advisor Blog

Leadership Training for the Narcissistic Boss With Small Business Advisor

From #smallbusinessadvisorINFO. Calling all staff members with Narcissist Bosses, you’ll want to watch this in-depth presentation. Slip this presentation into their email somehow; even if you need to set up a new email account that you only use once from a friend’s computer.

#Freesmallbusinessowneradvice.  Are you a narcissistic boss? No, well take the quiz anyway on slide two. Did you pass or fail the quiz? If you selected two items on the list which refer to you, then you are a narcissistic boss. Watch this training presentation and learn to greatly improve your leadership skills and gain the knowledge to drop being a narcissistic leader. What’s your turnover rate? 10% is the national average, so a Narcissist Boss will hover around 50%-75% turnover. Call us, we can help reset your mindset with our training program and help keep your staff. From #smallbusinessadvisorINFO.

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Since founding Small Business Advisor in 2018, Small Business Owners' have relied on us to deliver the best answers and resources to their small business questions. As former Small Business Owners,' you/we wear many hats and pay two sets of bills, your personal and business, which if you have not owned a small business, your peers may not be aware of that fact. It is a daunting task. Personally, being up all night wondering how to make payroll, once small mistake can close your small business and not only lose your income and home.

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