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Mathematical Theories With Small Business Advisor & Review of Kant’s Pure Reason – Management Trainer: Small Business Advisor Blog

Mathematical Theories With Small Business Advisor & Review of Kant’s Pure Reason

From #smallbusinessadvisorINFO. Do you love mathematics (commutative law {number operations} or the theories (about 64 in our show today) of math? For me, it’s the theory (philosophy and sociology connection into deep reasoning), except for commutative operations within theorems performed (one mistake in the 3-page equation process and it is incorrect). In grad school. Your two main financial classes required (5) prerequisites from undergrad for each course. In your financial management class, for the mid-term and final, I bet your professor said: “call in sick Friday at work, or you will not have enough time to finish your exam(s)” “use whatever you need to solve the problems its open book.” Organizational strategy.

Did you start at 8 am on Friday and work 10-12 hours each day through the entire weekend to turn your completed mid-term and then the final (4-month course) exam in by midnight Sunday. Did you have panic attacks!

So, for fun, we dive into Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, mathematical theories, and a comparison of the hardest math classes at Harvard. Any serious math folks out there, please jump with your comments.


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