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Sales Magic With Small Business Advisor Organizational Strategy Turns Into Sales Results – Management Trainer: Small Business Advisor Blog

From #smallbusinessadvisorINFO. Sales Strategy Example: It’s basically the strategic and tactical plan for acquiring new business, growing an existing business, and making or exceeding sales targets.

Typically, a healthy mix includes 75% of your sales target from new business and 25% from add-on business from existing customers.

Sales: #freesmallbusinessowneradvice The 80/20 Rule and How to Take Advantage of the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is attributed to the Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto. Applying it to the business world, the 80/20 rule suggests that 80% of your company sales come from 20% of your customers. #freesmallbusinessowneradvice 

From #smallbusinessadvisorINFO


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Since founding Small Business Advisor in 2018, Small Business Owners' have relied on us to deliver the best answers and resources to their small business questions. As former Small Business Owners,' you/we wear many hats and pay two sets of bills, your personal and business, which if you have not owned a small business, your peers may not be aware of that fact. It is a daunting task. Personally, being up all night wondering how to make payroll, once small mistake can close your small business and not only lose your income and home.

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